Setup for Startup

Are you an entrepreneur just getting your business off the ground?

Do you want to have a good financial foundation in place as you get started?

Our Setup for Startup solution is the best option to get your books off to a good start.

What’s Included?

  • An initial kick-off meeting to discuss the specifics of your business and to obtain necessary documents and information
  • Review of our New Business Setup Checklist to be sure your business is in compliance
  • Setup of a new QuickBooks® Online file
  • Connection of all bank and credit card accounts
  • A wrap-up meeting to review your QuickBooks Online file and to answer any initial bookkeeping questions

Setup for Startup

Request a Complimentary Discovery Session

Are you looking for peace of mind and more time in your day?  We offer a 45 minute complimentary discovery session so we can learn about your business and to discuss how our solutions can give you back time in your day.