Setup for Startup

Are you an entrepreneur just getting your business off the ground?

Do you want to have a good financial foundation in place as you get started?

Is the idea of managing your bookkeeping a bit overwhelming?

Combining our Setup for Startup solution with Monthly Bookkeeping Management will set your business up for success right from the beginning.

We offer introductory pricing for businesses who are just getting started.

What is Included?

  • Initial onboarding meeting to discuss the specifics of your business and to obtain necessary documents and information
  • Setting up a new bookkeeping system in QuickBooks® Online
  • Connecting all business bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks® Online
  • Developing and communicating new bookkeeping processes
  • Wrap-up meeting to review your QuickBooks® Online file and to answer any initial bookkeeping questions
  • Access to our trusted network of business professionals

Setup for Startup

Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session

Are you looking for peace of mind and more time in your day?  We offer a 45 minute complimentary discovery session so we can learn about your business and to discuss how our solutions can give you back time in your day.