Frequently Asked Questions

What is bookkeeping, and why is it important for my business?
  • Bookkeeping is the foundation of successful business management that helps ensure financial stability, growth, and overall success.
  • Bookkeeping provides business owners with the financial insights and information needed to run their operations effectively, comply with regulations, plan for the future, and make sound decisions. 
What services does your bookkeeping firm offer?
  • We offer monthly bookkeeping and payroll services to small businesses.  We have several packages to choose from based on the individual needs of the business. 
Do you specialize in serving specific industries or types of businesses?
  • We serve multiple industries and small business entity types.

What qualifications and experience do your bookkeepers have?

Our Account Executives and Account Specialists are responsible for their portfolio of clients.  They all have an Associates or Bachelors Degree, are Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors, and participate in ongoing continuing education to stay updated on the latest security practices, regulations, and technology advancements in the bookkeeping field.

How do you ensure the accuracy, security and confidentiality of my financial data?
  • Our account team is held to a high standard of integrity and professionalism which includes meticulous attention to detail, implementation of strong password policies including two-factor authentication, secure data storage and client communication as well as an independent year-end review of the financial reports.
  • In addition, upon joining Journals & Ledgers, each team member must successfully complete a thorough background check and sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • By adhering to these practices and prioritizing accuracy, security, and confidentiality, we establish a strong foundation of trust with our clients and maintain the integrity of their financial data.

What software and tools do you use for bookkeeping? Can I still use my preferred accounting software?
  • We specialize in QuickBooks® Online.  If we are managing your bookkeeping, we would convert you from your existing system to QuickBooks Online.  In addition, we use Citrix ShareFile for document storage and sharing and LastPass for account password management.

How often do you reconcile accounts and provide financial reports?
  • All accounts are monitored weekly and reconciled monthly.  Interim financial reporting is provided on a monthly or quarterly basis, based on client preference.

Can you help me with payroll management and tax compliance?
  • Yes, we have a dedicated payroll administrator who handles all payroll processing activities and payroll tax compliance.

What is your pricing structure? Is it based on the volume of transactions or a fixed fee?
  • Each small business is unique and has different needs so we customize our monthly packages specifically to the services that each business requires.

Do you prepare income tax returns?
  • We do not prepare income tax returns, but we partner with a professional network of tax professionals who provide tax planning, strategy, and preparation services.

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Client Spotlights

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