The I-58 Mission, Inc.

The I-58 Mission, Inc.

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How it Started

During the Christmas season of 2013, the Novak family sponsored a child from a local church’s angel tree. Connecting with that family allowed them to see the greater needs in the community. They responded to the call of Isaiah 58:6-12 and launched a new nonprofit called Project 586 which was created to serve local residents through donated clothes, home goods and furniture. The Sow Good Center was another organization based on Isaiah 58 and similarly located in Senoia. In 2015, God brought these two organizations together to become one – The I-58 Mission.

What They Do

The I-58 Mission, Inc. is a 501c3 organization formed to care for those in crisis in or near Senoia, GA. They offer food, clothes, baby gear, home goods, and lots of love to those struggling with life’s difficult circumstances. At the Mission, they pride themselves on sharing their love of Jesus and esteeming their clients. Having such a caring environment and thoughtful volunteers allows them to build relationships with those they serve.

On Partnering with Journals & Ledgers

We are incredibly thankful for the support that Journals & Ledgers offers us, as we work to be good stewards of all donations that come through the doors of the Mission.

How You Can Help

As the holiday season approaches, the Mission has an immediate need for empty stockings and fast food gift cards.  If you are interested in supporting the I-58 Mission in the future, please visit their website at for a complete list of needs.

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