Scooper Trooperz, LLC

Scooper Trooperz, LLC

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How it Started

We started Scooper Trooperz, LLC in the summer of 2020 after the COVID pandemic. My main job was in jeopardy and I had always wanted to start my own business. I got the idea from my father, grabbed a scooper and a bin, put out some ads and the next thing I knew - we were up and running. It has been a great experience serving my community with a business of my own.

Fast Forward to 2023

We have been growing steadily since we first started. We provide both commercial and residential services in the Peachtree City and Fayetteville areas. The dog waste removal or “scooper” service is not well-known and we hope to get the word out to more people about what we do. We come to your property and take care of the dog’s business so you don’t have to. What sets us apart from others in our industry is our customer service. We are reliable and thorough. We excel in communication and ensure that the customer knows when we are coming and when our work is completed. We also offer an online customer portal that allows you to update services as you see fit.

On Partnering with Journals & Ledgers

We have been with J&L now for over a year and we could not be happier with how it has affected our business. They are truly professionals and have alleviated us of many important yet dreaded documentation and reconciliation processes. They have enabled our business to increase focus on growth and service. Ashley has been a dream to work with. She is responsive and detailed and she ensures that our books are immaculate.

Advice to Entrepreneurs

My advice to entrepreneurs is to GET STARTED. There are always reasons NOT to get started. It only takes a small amount of time per week to get going. Owning your own business will put you on a path to financial freedom that will enrich your life and everyone around you.

Scooper Trooperz, LLC can be found online at If you sign up for weekly service, the first service is FREE! Cancel anytime.

Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session

Are you looking for peace of mind and more time in your day?  We offer a 45 minute complimentary discovery session so we can learn about your business and to discuss how our solutions can give you back time in your day.