Balanced Energy Wellness

Balanced Energy Wellness

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How it Started

Rawls Whittlesey, Licensed Acupuncturist and owner of Balanced Energy Wellness, started her business to help others feel better. She offers acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutrition therapy.

What Sets Them Apart

Rawls treats all kinds of pain such as injuries, migraines, and joint pain, as well as digestive issues, sleep issues, women's health concerns, and more. She also offers a specialized allergy treatment that brings people from all over the South relief from allergies such as Alpha Gal (an allergy to mammal meat caused by a tick bite), environmental and food allergies.

On Partnering with Journals & Ledgers

“When I opened my business about 7 years ago, I quickly discovered I needed help with my bookkeeping and turned to Journals & Ledgers to get me on the right track, and what a big help they've been! At first I tried to enter everything into my bookkeeping software and categorize it myself, but got in trouble when some checks I deposited were rejected and I didn't realize it. It was hundreds of dollars! Mary worked with me to figure out what had happened and get everything corrected. Now Journals & Ledgers does all of that for me and I never worry about it. I can easily view reports to see how my business is doing and they communicate well with my tax accountant, so my end of year tax processing is a breeze. They take good care of me, and my business is thriving because I can focus on my patients instead of bookkeeping.”

Advice to Entrepreneurs

“My advice for fellow entrepreneurs is to hire others to do the stuff you don't enjoy or aren't good at and stick with your strengths! Don't kill yourself trying to do it all. It will pay off big time by keeping you from burning out and allowing you to focus on your reason for going into business.”

Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session

Are you looking for peace of mind and more time in your day?  We offer a 45 minute complimentary discovery session so we can learn about your business and to discuss how our solutions can give you back time in your day.