Backpack Buddies of Georgia

Backpack Buddies of Georgia

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How it Started

April Anderson first heard of Backpack Buddies while attending a National Church Conference. She was inspired by its impact on other areas of the country so when she returned home, she immediately began meeting with school board officials to assess the needs in her own community.

She was astounded to discover that at that time, there were over 200 homeless children in the area and that nearly half of the students in Coweta County relied on the "Free and Reduced" lunch program. She began sharing this information with friends and family members, and shortly after, Backpack Buddies of Georgia was born.

Backpack Buddies is a 501c3 organization created to supply economically disadvantaged children in the Coweta County school system. They work closely with school counselors to identify children at risk for hunger, and then supply them with nutritious, self-serve food that will sustain them when school meals are not available. They are currently serving 1,450+ students in 33 schools.

What Sets Them Apart

What makes Backpack Buddies special is that they would love to not exist. (Yes, you read that correctly!)

While most companies want to grow and expand, the team at Backpack Buddies is hopeful that one day, there will no longer be a need for their services. Until that day comes, they are here to do everything in their power to meet the needs of the community.

On Partnering with Journals & Ledgers

"Journals and Ledgers has been a huge blessing to Backpack Buddies. We want to direct all of our time and energy to caring for kids in our community, not pouring over bank statements and figuring out financials. It is essential for us to stay on top of all bookkeeping, especially when it comes to grant applications. The team here is trustworthy, professional, and organized, and we have never felt more at peace and better cared for than with J&L.

Advice to Entrepreneurs

"The greatest advice I could give to anyone with an entrepreneurial dream is to go after it with all you got! There may be some failures along the way, but once you fail a time or two, you become resilient. Resilience fueled with passion and persistence is a recipe for success!"

- April Anderson, President & Founder of Backpack Buddies of Georgia

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